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When you donate to MUM, you are not only supporting the men and women who are in our programs but also other nonprofits and the safety of your community.  

What your contributions bring to the community...

M.U.M.'s main commitment is to make this community a safer and healthier place.  When you support M.U.M., you aren't just supporting an incorporation, you are supporting a group of ex-offenders who have made individual declarations to change.  

MUM is the birth child of Big Boy's Moving, LLC, and is the founder’s way of giving back.  Even though BBM has been in business in this community for over2 years, Antonio found there were still areas in his own mind that had not yet been made up. 

"It was just recently that I made up my mind to stop allowing others to see me further along than I was.  I didn't relapse into using drugs or become involved in any kind of illegal activity, but I realized that I had never left behind being dishonest, especially to those close to me.  I found myself still unwilling to be honest in the one area that it counted most: relationships.  My moral compass was not one reflecting my faith.  My selfish choosing of creating relationships based off fabrications resulted in broken hearts and financial investments of people who saw me as their life long partner.  It took hearing and seeing the emotional damage that my choices created in the lives of others that led me to recently make up my mind.  I began to confide in others, people in whom I trusted and who I knew would hold me accountable without condemning me.  Being that I want to invest into making this community better, I had to begin with myself all over again. I didn’t like who I had become: a successful liar. One of my mentors reminded me of something I had once said that there is no healing in hiding.  It took my fear and respect of my addiction and my commitment to not return to jail or prison to continue making financial restitution and most importantly stop.  I had to be pellucid about what I had done.  If I expect other offenders to trust in this wrap around process, then I must be the first. Change is hard. It isn’t easy. But it is possible, and I have recommitted myself to do what it takes for however long it takes. I’ve made up my mind." 

M.U.M. helps keep an even playing field for those who are being released, but most importantly uncut accountability.   Antonio's passion to hire ex-offenders comes from knowing the difficulty that he can relate to in ways that most employers cannot relate.  He himself has gone through their struggle.  27 years of his life were this struggle, but after 5 times of incarceration, Antonio finally realized and accepted the fact that nothing in his life was going to change unless he made up his mind to change.  M.U.M. challenges men like Antonio challenged himself to not focus on changing their behavior, but focus on changing in the ways they think.  Ex-offenders have to really be committed and willing to be reprogrammed; to let go of what they think they know and allow others to help them sort out and make sense of what it is they need to do to fulfill their purpose in life. 

M.U.M. needs donations and sponsors to fund wages for men and women in the program until there is a grant that does it.  M.U.M. is hoping to partner with more local businesses in allowing M.U.M. members to provide services for them such as lawn care, office cleaning, and/or snow removal.  The community’s support in accepting, supporting and helping these men and women in changing their thought processes is the first step to an ongoing system of keeping this community safe. 

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