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  1. M.U.M. Services
    15 Jan, 2018
    M.U.M. Services
    M.U.M. wants to thank all those that allowed them to do snow removal for donations.  All donations went toward helping others.  Services like these are what M.U.M. wants to extend to all the community and the community’s businesses.  When you choose to use M.U.M. you are supporting an organization that is here to make this community a safer place.
  2. Real Talk
    06 Jan, 2018
    Real Talk
    M.U.M. respects the belief of those that think that having a job before a home is the answer to reducing homelessness or re-offending.  But I, speaking for the voice of many, and mostly from experience, know that the strongest chance to reducing recidivism is that a home and meaningful employment must come hand in hand.  Giving these men work experience and at the end of the day dropping them off at a shelter or at the home or apartment of someone who is gracious enough to let them sleep on