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  1. Toastmsaters
    25 Jan, 2018
    Part of being in M.U.M. is attending program related meetings including Toastmasters.  Toastmasters is a speech training group that focuses on self presentation through practice.  It will help with the self-articulation M.U.M. members will need when its their turn to share their story or for future job interviews.  Communication is a priceless skill that can go a long way which is why we want to encourage our members to participate in Toastmasters.  M.U.M. looks to help the men and women in
  2. Safe Haven
    21 Jan, 2018
    Safe Haven
    M.U.M. isn’t just a place that’s open during events or normal business hours; it’s a place where the guys that are a part of the program can turn to in hard times.  Just the other day we had two guys who had been kicked out of their home during a family issue but had no where to go.  They turned to the M.U.M. facility as a safe haven where they could go without issues or worries of being tempted during hard times.  This culture of fraternity and being there for one another is exactly the type
  3. Real Talk
    06 Jan, 2018
    Real Talk
    M.U.M. respects the belief of those that think that having a job before a home is the answer to reducing homelessness or re-offending.  But I, speaking for the voice of many, and mostly from experience, know that the strongest chance to reducing recidivism is that a home and meaningful employment must come hand in hand.  Giving these men work experience and at the end of the day dropping them off at a shelter or at the home or apartment of someone who is gracious enough to let them sleep on
  4. Chris's Story
    06 Jan, 2018
    Chris's Story
    Chris B. 35, became associated with Big Boy’s Moving through POPS.  He gained work experience as a mover for Big Boy’s Moving through the program. After completing work experience Chris was hired on as a full-time employee.  He is aspiring to become a part of M.U.M. in the future by continuing to volunteer his time serving others. Chris is originally from Bloomington.  He has six children that he is working hard to provide for.  His history has included incarceration, homelessness, and
  5. The Heart of M.U.M.
    30 Dec, 2017
    The Heart of M.U.M.
    My name is Antonio “AJay” Jackson. I am grateful to have the opportunity to tell you about MUM as well as about myself. I came to Bloomington, IN in 1991 through an I.D.O.C work release program. Since my arrival 26 years ago, I have spent over 22 of those years in an 8x10 or some form of penal dormitory as a result of choices that I use to make; choices founded upon the mindset that I used to have. I’ve been that guy that was stuck in the cycle that I see many stuck in today: jail, park,
  6. Corey's Story
    29 Dec, 2017
    Corey's Story
    Corey D., 38, was one of the first movers that was employed with Big Boy's Moving as it was starting out.  He was a friend to the owner who gave him a shot at employment.  He later on became one of the roommates of the owner because he could not get housing or get a place to rent due to his past.  For many guys like Corey it is hard to find housing that is not through a program because of the background checks that most apartment complexes require or the high pricing.  This usually results in