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  1. My Brothers Keeper
    15 Jan, 2018
    My Brothers Keeper
    Micah W., 41, father of six, came to Big Boy’s Moving through the POPS program.  He first worked as a laborer for the moving company before he was able to move on to a better job through the first of many more relationships Big Boy’s Moving and M.U.M. hopes to establish with other local businesses.  Nehemiah G., 39, father of three, came to Big Boy’s Moving for support after being released from the Monroe County Corrections Facility because he knew the owner.  He was given temporary work in
  2. Jermaine's Story
    09 Jan, 2018
    Jermaine's Story
    Jermaine S., 40, father of 3, came to Big Boy’s Moving with virtually the clothes on his back, the rest in a duffle bag, from Washington D.C. the summer of 2016.  He was living on the couch of a friend until he got on his feet. “I’ve known the owner of Big Boy’s Moving for over 20 years.  So when I say when he offered me a job I wasn’t sure what to expect until I saw what I had been hearing what he had been doing in our community.  I didn’t use to know him as AJay, nor did this community.  But
  3. Corey's Story
    29 Dec, 2017
    Corey's Story
    Corey D., 38, was one of the first movers that was employed with Big Boy's Moving as it was starting out.  He was a friend to the owner who gave him a shot at employment.  He later on became one of the roommates of the owner because he could not get housing or get a place to rent due to his past.  For many guys like Corey it is hard to find housing that is not through a program because of the background checks that most apartment complexes require or the high pricing.  This usually results in