Made Up Mind, Inc.


Andrea Koenigsberger

Andrea is the CEO of Fable Farms Indiana – an IDEM-registered compost facility –and
the Board President of the Center for Sustainable Living. She has a PhD in
Neuroscience from IU. She focuses her scientific prowess on compost-mixture
equations and carbon-sequestration calculations for the program. In August, 2018, she
completed the US Composting Council’s 40hr operator training certification course.

Ryan Conway

Ryan is the COO of Fable Farms Indiana and the Advocacy Chair of the Bloomington
Food Policy Council. He holds degrees in Political Science and Religious Studies. He
loves to plan, build, and operate all the necessary infrastructure and equipment to turn
Bloomington’s food waste into soil-healing compost. In August, 2018, he completed the
US Composting Council’s 40hr facility operator training certification course.